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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NyoMARV, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. NyoMARV

    NyoMARV New Member

    I'd like to request that XSEED increases the quality of the boxes used for their limited editions.

    I own the limited editions for four recent XSEED titles; Cold Steel, Senran Kagura SV, Senran Kagura EV and Oneechanbara Z2 Chaos. Cold Steel is the only recent box I've received that has not been damaged. I've also gotten Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven a while back, also undamaged. Cold Steel LE was made out of excellent material. Lord of Magna was packed together very tightly with very little room for bends or damage. However...

    Senran Kagura SV: Has a huge crease and bend on the right side (Amazon)
    Senran Kagura EV: Has a big pressed-in tear on the back of the case (Gamestop)
    Oneechanbara: Bends on the sides (Best Buy)

    Amazon returns are useless because I am told that it was bent from the warehouse (plus given my three returns for a different preorder, Project Mirai DX, to try to get a non-bent box didn't help). Gamestop and Best Buy only had one copy of the game (my preorder) available so swapping for a non-damaged version wasn't possible.

    I don't have this trouble with other limited editions. It's mainly because the cardboard used is the cheapest possible with almost no resistance to damage, or packed improperly. It's a bit sad because I preorder and day one buy a lot of XSEED games, but seeing the poor quality of the above boxes next to my immaculate Cold Steel copy is kind of crushing in more ways than one.

    If anything can be done, I'd accept it.
  2. Ryos

    Ryos Active Member

    Obviously this is a YMMV sort of thing but I have a LOT of issues with shipped merchandise and this has nothing to do the merchandise itself but the shipping company being cheap as hell and shipping via bubble mailers and the like with little (or no) cushioning. I can't even begin to tell you how many packages I get in where I invariably wonder not if the package is damaged but how much. And EV (which BB sent me in a bubble mailer) was damaged (not enough for me to do an exchange unless the CD with a scuff mark doesn't play properly). I've seen much higher quality boxes used by other companies that were likewise completely demolished by inadequate packaging by main electronics retailers.

    NISA used to have this issue with their own store (with much stronger LE box material) until they started using cardboard boxes with inserted cushioning material to ship instead. The shipping costs may have gone up, but I'd be willing to bet the return rate likewise dropped significantly, increasing their overall sell-through rate.

    Total tangent but I'm still not big on the CD cases used because I have a 100% break ratio with the hubs so far. I see similar cases used in R2 releases all the time but the big difference is it's pretty easy to get the media from the latter cases with more traditional jewel case hubs, and then it's still easy to appreciate whatever art is in the case.
  3. NyoMARV

    NyoMARV New Member

    Yeah, however with Gamestop and BB I did pick up in-store, hoping that merchandise officially shipped to retailers would be less likely to be damaged rather than Amazon's bubble mailers personally delivered to me. Unfortunately it didn't help at all.

    It's disheartening because I think XSEED does a good job providing proper LE contents whenever they can, but when the box is so damaged, I had to speak up. Especially when they did such a good job with Cold Steel and its clamshell design and making sure the contents inside didn't move.

    I have a history of purchasing fighting game LEs and they are usually really solid. So I know that more can be done. I just hope my message can get through. :(
  4. Terro

    Terro Well-Known Member

    It's unfortunate, but sounds like your area REALLY sucks with shipping. I just picked mine up at GS and it's 100% minted perfection. Atlus does similar boxes too, mind you, who are a bigger company and use the same thin board stock for it. Actually, theirs even got THINNER over the years, when they switched from DS to 3DS titles (yet prices went up, go fig :/)
  5. NyoMARV

    NyoMARV New Member

    Yeah, originally I thought it was just me, but I noticed posters on other forums reporting back with similar damage on their preorders that I mentioned above, so I thought it would be good to speak up. I have no idea if anyone from XSEED actually reads this forum given that it's kind of tucked away...

    I actually have the Persona 4 Golden limited edition box, and it has a similar crease on one side to the Shinovi Versus box I have. I hope Atlus's boxes aren't used as a standard for things.

    What does a man have to do to get some thick.... cardboard on his boxes? :p
  6. Wyrdwad

    Wyrdwad Administrator Staff Member

    Sometimes, that's all we can manage with our budget, unfortunately. But all hope is not necessarily lost! If you place an order from the XSEED store anytime in the future, you can probably request a replacement box be included with your ordered goods (as in, the outer box, not another whole copy of the LE or anything), and -- provided we have some left -- we'll usually be happy to throw one in, all folded up flat and packaged a little more securely so as not to suffer similar damages.

    You can write in to first, too, just to check and see if we have any spare boxes to send you -- a good thing to do before placing any such order. And I'd recommend throwing in a photo of the damaged box, while you're at it, and writing a politely worded plea for a replacement. Not guaranteed to get you anywhere, but certainly couldn't hurt!

    Sorry you wound up with a damaged box, but hopefully, we can help set things right for you.

  7. NyoMARV

    NyoMARV New Member

    Gotcha Tom, I may consider doing that.

    I'm just relieved that the message got through (even if the reality of the situation means that the boxes can't be improved).

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