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    Please consider localisation for Langrisser Re:incarnation (3DS), a strategy-RPG game that will be released in Japan in July. Here is the official website:

    I believe that this would be a profitable game to localize for the following reasons:

    1) The market for the game exists. Fire Emblem Awakening has been a massive success in the west, and there is a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Fire Emblem IF. This shows that there is a sizeable target audience for fantasy strategy-rpg games on the 3DS.

    2) Langrisser has some name recognition. While only the first game was localized (Named Warsong way back on the Genesis), there has been a fan following of the Langrisser serie in the west. Of particular note is that Langrisser II, Der Langrisser and Langrisser IV have all been completely translated by fans, multiple english guides exists and a fully translated script for Langrisser V exists. There's been quite a few comments on various websites about the announcement for this game and other articles too (yes, I admit there has been some negative feedback regarding the artist change but there is definitively some interest).

    3) The game has multiple attractive aspects for both players and marketing. I'm sorry to go back to Fire Emblem Awakening, but it's on the same system as well as being the best seller for a console strategy game since a long time. So to note things that both Langrisser Re:incarnation and Awakening have:
    - Exact same base gameplay style: Turn-based strategy on a "stage" format, with character interaction, dialog and preparation in between. Both games uses unique characters with class trees to progress through.
    - 2D battle map (Same visual style; it's strikingly close) with "cutscene-like" battle sequence upon attack
    - Large cast playable characters that your main character can marry/romance/buddy (It states 28 characters for Langrisser; that's about similar to Awakening). Based on the Awakening discussion board, that's one of the key features for a lot of players.
    - Main character creation/modification

    4) Multiple paths. Langrisser Re:incarnation has three paths: Light, Empire and Darkness. While not too much information is known about these paths so far, the prior Langrisser games that had this feature always featured a wildly different gameplay experience and made for amazing replayability.

    5) Fanservice. It's nowhere close to Senran Kagura but there's a fair amount of fanservice involved.

    I feel that Langrisser Re:incarnation would be an excellent offering for both old fans of the previous Langrisser titles as well as fans of Fire Emblem Awakening. Langrisser has its own fun unique gameplay elements (Especially regarding the playable generals + subunit format that the game use), but it is definitively close and familiar enough to instinctively appeal to the many Fire Emblem fans. If I am to be totally honest, I don't think Langrisser Re:incarnation would reach the sales of Fire Emblem Awakening (Less name recognition, the 'cutscene' battles don't look too hot based on the available screenshot and the art style is not one that everyone loves especially regarding the characters Jessica and Licorice), but I feel that it would be a pretty profitable venture for XSEED. I would be very surprised if the sales of a localized Langrisser Re:incarnation would not be decent at the very least.

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