Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition [Pc]

Discussion in 'KILLER IS DEAD' started by Donjo, May 23, 2014.

  1. Donjo

    Donjo New Member

    I noticed that a "enhanced" edition of the game was popping up here and there lately, to be released today. However, closer inspection indicated that it was published by Deep Silver, not XSeed!

    Was there any collaboration between XSeed and Deep Silver in this release?
  2. SilentThisSide199x

    SilentThisSide199x Well-Known Member

    According to their Twitter, none whatsoever. All by Deep Silver publishing-wise.
  3. Sonnington

    Sonnington New Member

    That sucks, I just got the PC version. But what about the voice acting? They had to have collaborated on the voice acting!

    BTW the menu controls on KID PC version SUUUUUUUCK! Also they give you no graphics customization and no control customization. They have two modes to change controls and there's no difference. The only difference is the way the keyboard is setup. One image shows the A and Q key switched. You go forward through the menus with left click, back with spacebar, you can't use your mouse to select, exit sends you back to windows, and it switches from WASD to the arrow keys almost at random to deal with menus. It was basically a big F YOU to PC gamers.

    Albeit I have no need to change the keyboard or mouse commands in game. It controls very intuitively with the default(except for duck being middle mouse+right mouse, but I never use it anyway) and if I -really- wanted to I could just rebind everything from outside the game. PC gaming master race and all. Oh, or use an xbox noob stick to control the game.

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