Just Wanted To Say Thank You For Being Awesome.

Discussion in 'I <3 XSEED' started by Deejilator, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Deejilator

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    So I don't really come around the forums all that much anymore but my love of Xseed has never wavered. I just opened up the Ys Celceta LE and it made me want to say thank you to all the Xseed staff for being so awesome. You guys really are one of the best, if not the best, companies in the industry right now, especially in America. Amidst all the big companies not willing to take any risks and pumping out sequel after sequel in an attempt to get every last drop of milk out of a franchise you guys are willing to take chances on games that very few of us would ever have had the chance to play otherwise, and for that I thank you. In a time where boxes and especially quality LEs are becoming more and more rare you guys try your best to bring us amazing LEs like the Ys Celceta one, and for that I thank you. But most importantly you all seem to genuinely care about your fans and want to release games not just for money, not just because it's what you do, but because you want as many people as possible to experience these wonderful gems, and for that I thank you. And the most amazing thing about all this is that you don't have to do any of it. You don't have to work tirelessly to bring us games like the Trails series, you don't have to go the extra mile and bring us a limited edition of Ys Celceta. But you do and that, along with everything else, is what makes you all awesome, and that's why I have the utmost appreciation and admiration for you all, and why I love this company.

    That's all I really wanted to say just cause I don't think it can ever get said enough. So keep up the good work and the good fight cause me, and I'm sure
    plenty of other people on and off this forum, are behind you 110 percent and are rooting for you all the way. :D
  2. Terro

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    ^Well said!

    I felt this way when I opened up my Killer is Dead LE yesterday. It wasn't a title I wanted to play myself (thus went halsies with someone who enjoyed Shadows of the Damned) but the LE is what enticed me. Was not disappointed! I'm not sure the relevance to the game, but I enjoyed the soft boiled egg recipe as I recently found out how amazing they are! It's like an extra touch :p The full colour artbook is a treat as usually, especially since even Atlus stopped doing them :(
  3. BBboy20

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    I became loyal to them the moment they were revealed to be publishing a Grasshopper game. Even then, these guys are some of the best in the business and help keep gaming alive and should be respected across the spectruim. So thanks for all the games you bring over and hope many more publications to come. ^___^

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