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Discussion in 'I <3 XSEED' started by Titah Panutan, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Where to even begin? First of all, please allow me to thank you for all your hard work on translating the Kiseki series. I have been wanting to play the series for too long. I remembered getting Sky 1st on PSP years ago, and had to wait a very, very long time to play the second chapter. I'd say it was worth the wait. Then Sen/Steel series came along. Truth to be told, I was sceptical about the game. From the cover alone, I could tell that the game would have tons of shounen materials in it. Despite that, I still bought it. I didn't played it outright though, as a friend of mine, whom already played the Japanese version warned me about the game. He confirmed that the game has indeed tons of shounen anime troupes and a degree of typical "light novel protagonist" as the main character. I did neglect the game for sometime, long enough for my brother to borrow it from me. When he had done with the game, he told me that I SHOULD play it. He told me that I'm missing out one of the best port in memory. So I did.

    To my surprise, the game was enjoyable, there are some shounen anime troupes in it, but that ties to the plot, so can't complain there. What I didn't expect is that how you rewrite the characters to make then far, FAR more interesting than they were in the original Japanese version. I LOVE what you did with Rean, first and foremost, because like it or not, you're stuck with this guy. Sara was a thousand time more enjoyable than her original Japanese self. I love her character so much, one of her line in a certain fight literally stuck in my mind. I compared her scene with the Japanese one, and wow. I can't even begin to imagine how much blood, sweat and tears were shed during the translation process. I have translating experience before, so believe me when I say, your company had outdone yourselves. You deserve praises for what you had done for the series. Not only did you translated thousands of Japanese lines and texts, but to made improvements to it at the same time. I could only say, hats off to you sirs and madames.

    Second, I'd like to point out that your choice of voice actors and actresses is sublime. Each one of them fits the personality of their characters perfectly. Truth to be told, I'm not a big fan of dubbing in general, especially for anime-esque games, but since you made changes to their line and the VA's raw talents, I don't have any complaints whatsoever. Awesome, awesome job at casting the VAs. They were amazing.

    Lastly, I'd like to say that thanks to playing both Sky and Steel series, I've become something of a fanboy, both to Nihon Falcom and to your company. I now that Steel III is relasing this month in Japan, and you haven't made a announcement about bringing the game to west, but I sure hope you don't drop this one. I'm not sure I'd like another company to translate Steel III other than you guys. But that is just a wish of a fan, whatever happens in the future, know that you have done something that is no easily achieved by just any translation company.

    Thank you so much for reading.


    P.S : Do excuse my english for any typos or weird lines. English is not my native language.
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    Thank you so much for the kind words! It's always incredibly gratifying to hear things like this. I'll be sure to pass your message along to the rest of the team as well -- I'm sure they'll be really happy to hear that you've been enjoying our work so much!


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