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  1. Poshakitoo

    Poshakitoo New Member

    Hello Xseedians,

    I've been looking for a while in the forums looking for this topic, but couldn't find anything. Maybe i just suck looking for topics in a forum

    Dear XseeD, have you ever think about opening an International Store?

    I know some other publishers do the same, and as far as i know, it's working great to them. Maybe i haven't think about some regulations and the possible customs problems that you might engage doing this, but i think with all the fanbase you've been groiwing since the ps2 releases, i think it can work for you too.
  2. Terro

    Terro Well-Known Member

    Since XSEED only distributes their physical copies to NA, they can't really go international since it's outside of their region.
  3. Azelais

    Azelais New Member

    I might be remembering this all wrong but I recall reading that in the past, there hasn't been extra staff at the company for managing the shop. Allowing international orders would likely multiply the workload that managing the shop for North American costumers already must be.

    If I were to take a guess, I'd think that other than having to deal with an increase in the number of orders both exploring viable shipping methods (with tracking and insurance?) to various places and preparing all kinds of customs declarations require lots of dedicated work that someone would have to put up with in addition to their actual job.

    Found it, google's a buddy. There's mention of the shop in this topic from 2013.
  4. conurebleu

    conurebleu New Member

    Somewhere in Quebec
    To NA? You mean, to USA. I never could buy anything from their shop =/
  5. Poshakitoo

    Poshakitoo New Member

    Told you, i suck looking on forums. But as it is say by Tom, a nice and comfy International bussiness intern that take care of this things, would be nice for only handling this part

    I hope in the near future they can at least ship to all NA (Canada and yes, Mexico is also in NA) and sorry for europeans but we're closer to our buddies here, so we're easy to handle :D

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