I Want My Katanas Back!

Discussion in 'Way of the Samurai 4' started by FlatheadDog, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. FlatheadDog

    FlatheadDog New Member

    I want my katanas back!
    Anyone who has one of my weapons, especially YOU Calloused Athena, I want them back.

    The hacked Unbreakable Seraphic Devil I picked up from that sneaky faction shut down my Weapon Safe and I lost my triple Life & Death Fly Girl. I know you have it. Bring it to me….

    Meet me at the road at night.

  2. CallousedAthena

    CallousedAthena New Member

    Rocky Mountains
    Flathead_Dog faction: I saw your boy, Shu, and sent him home with your old Road to Hell Superfly I had laying around my weapon chest. Dusty old thing. Hehehe. Still got my Fly Girl, so sorry yours got gone... maybe I'll see you out there again! Good luck and may the katanas come "flying" your way!
  3. FlatheadDog

    FlatheadDog New Member

    Okay, I didn't think it would be that easy.
    I saw the avatar Diva Athena on the line Jan 1st, and she had my katana. Happy New Year! I got it back from her with some effort.
    But what's this? It went down in strength from 500 to 136.

    How does that online thing work?
    What's the secret to being seen and seeing other factions online?
    I think Tom at Xseed told me it would be extremely unlikely to see any specific player online, but there she was with my thing.

    Come and take it back! maybe it'll be strength 80.

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