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    Thanks to everyone who posted to Xseed's old forum before it got wiped out.
    This is a first draft; I hope to add more and clarify what’s here sometime soon.

    Here’s my philosophy for making money in WOTS4:
    -Take everything, and sell everything.
    -Work jobs, search and take.
    -Keep the Crime Rate great.
    -Buy low, sell high

    • When you start out and you’re trying to get good weapons, take everything whenever you can. If your Weapon Sack is full, then disassemble swords so you can carry more. Have the blacksmith create new weapons with the parts to make more money than selling the parts alone.
    • When you have a good weapon and styles, do more jobs. Find the people who offer high paying jobs. Doing all the jobs for the homeless man under the tracks in Little Britain gets you at least 30,000 yen in pay and loot, much more if you’re meticulous.

    The highest paying job: Amihama Eight.
    The Amihama Eight job pays up to 30,000 yen, and you can collect hundreds of valuable swords. The jobs that lead up to it and the associated weapons, items and money add up to about 100,000 yen.
    • Keep the crime rate low, and everything is cheaper. On the harder levels you can sell items and weapons for more than the original price.
    • Play the harder levels, buy low and sell high. The Crime Rate how much things cost, and their availability.
    • Fight a little, then run away and sell stuff. You need medicine and excellent swords.

    The fastest way to make money in WOTS4 is:
    • Play on Hara-kiri level.
    • Install the expansion pack that allows you to buy and sell from the Tree Specter at the cemetery.
    • Make the crime rate Great.
    • With around 4000 yen, go to the Specter at night and buy edged weapons that sell for the highest amount. I usually look at the durability, a value greater than 1800 with good strength. The weapons cost 275 and sell for up to 500.
    The values seem better at first and then go down a bit if you buy and sell repeatedly without leaving the cemetery. If the crime rate is Great and the game is on Hara-kiri level, you can make an average profit of 150 yen for each weapon. It seems faster to buy everything and sell everything without picking and choosing too much. This is a very fast way to make money.

    The second fastest way to make money in WOTS4:
    • Unlock “Chief Minister’s Gun.”
    • Unlock and acquire the Gun License.
    • Play on Hard level.
    • Make the crime rate Great.
    • Go to the homeless vendor near the Hospital in Little Britain.
    • Buy the Ogre Isle for around 100 yen, then sell it for 180 – 300 yen.

    The third fastest way to make money in WOTS4, and it’s still pretty fast:
    • Go to the Black Ship and run to the front of the ship.
    • Go inside the cabin, and IMMEDIATELY run to the bunkroom and take the three Wine Bottles on the floor.
    • Immediately run to the back of the kitchen and kick the three wine bottles.
    A Wine Bottle is often hidden near the barrels across from the kitchen, and J.J.’s office has two rare wine bottles until you pick them up.
    A bartender appears in the kitchen in the Evenings and at Night. Sell your wine, sleep in the bunkroom until the next night and do it all again. But wait until after Day 4, or you’ll limit your endings.
    Remember to run fast, or the sailors will find them first.
    If you get all six bottles, you can make 1500 yen.

    The fourth fastest way to make money in WOTS4:
    • Buy bait, and fish from the Black Ship or the pier near the Harbor.
    • 500 yen’s worth of bait can bring 3000 yen in sales.

    Fishing Tips:
    • Some bait works better than others. I like Krill and Minnows.
    • Fish in the salt water; the fish seem to sell for more.
    • Fish in locations that are difficult to reach, but provide solid footing.
    • Fish at night, in the shadows, or on the shaded side of the ship. Pretend you’re a fish- where would you hide?
    • Tilt the camera button with your left thumb and watch the fishing-float. When it disappears hit the X button repeatedly.
    • If you hit the X button at just the right moment, you get better fish.

    Other ways to make money or save money:

    Sometimes I win big-money playing Hanauda. The game isn’t that difficult to learn from web pages. A player can win or lose 14 times the original bet. There’s no penalty if you lose more than you have.

    Midas Charm, Life and Death Charm and Able-Bodied Charm

    • Midas charm increases the amount of money in moneybags. A triple Midas weapon can increase the value nearly 10 times. Search bodies with a Midas weapon equipped.
    • Life and Death makes you’re your vitality increase. A triple Life and Death weapon makes all your vitalty come back in a few seconds. Never buy food again!
    • Able-Bodied keeps your weapon from degrading. A triple Able-Bodied weapon will rarely break in a lifetime.
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    Since my last post, I have discovered the profit of being bad.

    Ways to make money in WOTS4 by being bad:

    • Kill everyone, take and sell everything:
    It’s psychologically more difficult than it sounds.
    It seems that when you’re bad, more online people attack you, but maybe it’s just a guilty heart.
    When the crime rate is very bad, the Gambling Den increases the betting limit to 200 Yen.

    • Paint the Walls Red:
    If you have a good enough weapon, the fastest way to earn money is work for the guy at the Magistrate killing Yakuza in Town. If the crime rate is very weak and you sell every sword and item afterwards, a player can make up to 15,000 yen on normal. Doing this job lowers the crime rate and improves economic stability.

    • Additional Fishing Tips:
    Fish caught from the Black Ship or the Harbor sell for a lot of money. Tilt the camera view with your left thumb and watch for the float to disappear. I usually get 5 to 8 fish with 10 pieces of bait. Try different kinds of bait and fishing at different times of the day when you can see the float clearly.

    • The Casino:
    The only game you can play at the Casino is Poker. The dealer asks you to wager up to ten chips then deals five cards. A list of all possible winning hands is at the top of the screen, and if you have a winning hand it will be highlighted. You may trade in all or some of your cards one time. Any winning hand wins.
    After a winning hand, you are asked to double up. When you double up, you draw one card from five, and the dealer draws one card. You must have a card of equal or greater value to win. Jokers are wild. If you win, you are asked to double up again. Doubling up twice can turn a 30-yen win into 120 yen. Certain winning hands lead to better luck at doubling up. Fives and kings seem lucky; queens and nines seem unlucky.

    • Bad jobs:
    If you have the expansion packs, then you can take killing jobs from the guy at the Main Plaza. Most of these include collecting a very good sword.
    The Thief at the Harbor (one of the Amihama Eight) gives out thieving jobs with a cash bonus for collecting all ten furoshiki.
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    • The easiest way to make money:

    • Go to the Harbor, Town, the Back Roads, or the Main Plaza at night.

    • Stand in a safe place where NPCs are unlikely to bump into you, such as behind the vendor's booth.

    • Walk away from the game console for a long time without pausing, the longer the better.

    • While you are away from the game, non-player characters, NPCs, continue to interact and slay each other.

    • Come back to the game and pick up all the weapons, money and items from the slain NPCs.

    • Tip: If you're on a difficult level, keep a medicine in your items.
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    Yet another new and easy way to make money in Way of the Samurai 4:

    Have a triple Midas charmed weapon and some money.

    Die with the money in your possession, not your safe.
    When you die in this game, a message appears stating that if you save all your possessions will be distributed around Amihama.
    The merchant under the tracks gets your items,
    the katana and lance thieves get your weapons,
    and some avatar or breakable thing gets your money.
    It could be anyone, it could be any thing

    Save, and start again.

    By searching people and breaking things, you will find a bag of money with about as much money as you died with, really. Even if it was tens of thousands.

    Find bags of money, and pick them up with your triple Midas weapon equipped.
    You don't have to be especially bad, just remember to search avatars you defeat while playing.
    I usually find the big money bag after a couple of hundred searches.

    It seems that Magistrates carry money often.

    The Midas charm multiples how much money you find by a lot, perhaps 20 times. If you die with a thousand, then you find twenty thousand.

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