Help Me Xseed, You're Not My Only Hope But You're Up There.

Discussion in 'KILLER IS DEAD' started by andybam, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. andybam

    andybam New Member

    So here's the skinny. The prepaid code for my "Smooth Operator Pack" (Xbox 360) doesn't work. Xbox Support says the code is valid but the publisher may have nullified the code. Basically I was told to contact you guys to see about possibly getting a replacement.

    Long shot for $5 I know but it's the principle of the thing. Anything you can do for me guys?
  2. Wyrdwad

    Wyrdwad Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry for the late response!

    I don't know if this issue has been resolved yet or not, but if not, I'd urge you to email with the full details of your issue, and you should get a bit more of a prompt response than you have here.

    Hope we're able to do something for you!


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