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Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by BachBreaker, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. BachBreaker

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    I'm not complaining anything. Sorry, I didn't express myself well. I just do not find it convenient that the series rotate between platforms. As I explained earlier, it was assumed that the series was going to install itself on Sony consoles, that's when I wanted to buy a PS Vita. However, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is being developed exclusively for the PC, which makes me retract to buy the console because I do not know if the next Corpse Party game will be developed in PC or PS Vita.

    Truthfully, I do not know the Kingdom Hearts series. But if all the complete saga is on all platforms, I see no problem to be in eight different platforms. Same with Corpse Party, if the entire saga might be in PC and Sony consoles I would have no problem in that the series is on both platforms.
  2. MasterNemesis

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    I think you never got the point here.

    The Corpse Party Series was never intended to be developed for Sony hardware.

    The original PC game was a huge success.
    That's why 5PB asked Team GrisGris if they could make a PSP port of it.
    The whole Heavenly Host Saga now is more or less 5PBs work in collaboration with GrindHouse (formerly Team GrisGris)

    So 5PB in collaboration with GrindHouse will finish the Heavenly Host series with Blood Drive on the PSVita.

    GrindHouse now are just continuing with their own development of Corpse Party games
    on the platform they are developing games on.
    And that is PC.

    Thats why Dead Patient is for PC of course.
    And they are going to develop on that for all further installments of the series.
    Unless 5PB asks them to make a PSVita port of Dead Patient when all chapters are released.
  3. Wyrdwad

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    Yeah, MasterNemesis pretty much hit the nail right on the head. To summarize, Team GrisGris/GrindHouse's Corpse Party games have ALL been PC thus far, while 5pb/Mages' Corpse Party games have ALL been on Sony handhelds thus far. The reason this gets confusing is because 5pb's first Corpse Party game was a PSP remake of GrisGris' first PC Corpse Party game, and the two kind of diverged into separate (yet connected) series at that point.

    It seems like GrisGris/GrindHouse is pretty dedicated to continuing support for PC, however, while 5pb/Mages is pretty dedicated to continuing support for Sony handhelds.


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