Four Corpse Party Titles Releasing on PC including Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday!

Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by KlausRealta, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. alena

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    @E5rael I'll be sure to pass that along. In the future, it's helpful if you send an email to with your PC specs in case it's a hardware issue. In this case, it may not be but thank you for letting us know!
  2. Gintoki

    Gintoki Active Member

    So, like, where are they?
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  3. Loogey03

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    I'm starting to begin worrying about the games. I hope everything is going okay with the development of each one. I can hardly wait to play either one of them on PC, since I beat Book of Shadows in a day because I knew exactly as to what to do, and due to my completed save from Corpse Party Blood Covered. Getting access to Blood Drive was much more easier than getting every single bad end just to unlock it. Though I went back to get them all just for the heck of it ;)

    I felt entirely relieved when I beat the game using nothing BUT the mouse. That's all I used through the entire game was my mouse. Felt satisfying just moving the cursor without even having to lay a finger on the keyboard :D

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