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    So I've inquired about this via Twitter a couple of times, but I figured I'd give this one last hurrah on the forums.

    This might sound a bit pathetic, but one of the things I was most excited for with regard to Fate/EXTELLA LINK was being able to buy a PSN avatar collection of some of my favourite characters from...Media in general! Astolfo's my favourite character in anything, period, and now that I've played the game, Charlemagne is totally my bro. There are others of course, but I think that's enough rambling.

    My biggest concern is: who knows if we'll get a sequel or if my favourite characters will even still be around? (Then again, a sequel doesn't guarantee that we'll get avatars next time either!) Charlemagne was critical to LINK's storyline, and while Astolfo's pretty popular in his own right, I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't in the next one once the story focuses on another new Servant. When it comes to avatars I can't simply make a Japanese account, buy them and use them with my main PSN ID; they are tied to the account itself, not downloaded to the hard drive.

    Obviously I don't really know what goes into the licensing of stuff like PSN avatars or themes, but I was wondering if there's any reason you guys could share why stuff like this sometimes doesn't make the cut? Is there any chance that we may get these avatars at some point, still?

    (I'm not so concerned about the themes, they apparently don't have music and I think you can buy/download them with a foreign profile and use them in a different region, but I'd still buy some of those too if they were available here, for the record.)

    Anyway, I know this seems like such a minor thing to gripe about, but on PSN I really wanted to rep the husbando, y'know?

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