Edf 4.1 Multiplayer Issues

Discussion in 'Earth Defense Force Series' started by AniMitch, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    I imported EDF back in December (i live in the UK) and have been having a good time.

    So i advised my friends to buy this game when it came out in europe so we could all kill bugs together.

    However we have encountered a bit of a snag, when trying to join each others lobbies it will stay on "entering the room" and then not connect.

    when joing someone elses lobby we can connect to it however we are invisible to each other in the lobby and in the misson, (and only us as we can see the lobby host and other players) we appear to be in an instanced multiplayer as if i blowup a building in my session the building will remain intact in their game.

    is this an issue where european copies can't play with US copies?, We have tried playing with no DLC, deleting each other from our friends lists and we are all out of ideas.

    I just want to smash bugs with my friends ;_;

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