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  1. Krimstar

    Krimstar New Member

    Sorry in advance if this was covered elsewhere, but I was wanting to know how you guys plan to handle the pre-release and post-release DLC of the originals? I noticed that neither game has pre-purchase content, so will it be included in the game or available for download/purchase later? What about the mission packs? I really hope you are planning to bring it all over, one way or another.
  2. NoLifeDGenerate

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    I'm still waiting for answers about the content from 4.0/2025 that we were all denied. The game had super weapons that only console hackers ever got access to because they were locked content on the disc. I imported 4.1 from Japan fully expecting to get access to the Genocide Gun, Armageddon Cluster, etc. but they're still not available after finding all weapons and beating Inferno with one class. I've posted here, emailed XSEED, and emailed D3 in Japan. Nobody has any answers for me, and it's pissing me off.

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