Difficulty of Ys series vs Dark Soul Series ?

Discussion in 'Ys Series' started by EonStrife, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. EonStrife

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    Anybody here has played Dark Soul series or Bloodborne ? How is the Ys difficulty compared to Dark Soul series and Bloodborne ?

    Maybe for for example, we take the most difficult one, Oath in Felghana w/ Nightmare difficulty ?

    My friend who never plays Ys said Ys is just a button mashing game series :) :) :) <- it is correct in some sense, once the enemies are stunned, we just mash our buttons as fast as possible
  2. Erpy

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    The Netherlands
    It is correct, in some sense, yeah. Against the most basic type of enemy whose only way of killing you is slowly walking up to you and hitting you in the face. Of course, if you stick to that strategy, you may have trouble against:
    - Groups of said enemy (while you stunlock one enemy, his friends flank you and beat you into submission)
    - Flying enemies (you cannot continuously spam attack on enemies you can only reach during a jump because they'll have recovered by the time you landed and jumped again)
    - Enemies with enough HP to survive a single combo (there's a pause at the end of your combo and if they survive your initial onslaught they can use that window to counterattack)
    - Large enemies (they don't get stunlocked to begin with, meaning they'll attack you right through your slashes and you're too fragile to survive an equal exchange of blows with tougher monsters)
    - Every single boss in every single game (bosses pretty much always have a "get off me"-move that temporarily shields them from your attacks, knocks you back, does heavy damage to everything within a radius around them, transports them to safety or all of the above)

    Your friend would get clobbered in his first boss battle. Haven't played Dark Souls or Bloodborne, but while there are moments when enemies or bosses are vulnerable and it pays off to button-mash as much HP off of them as ergonomically viable, most of the time your survival depends on pattern recognition, quick reflexes and figuring out how to best deal with which attacks.
  3. Chaosblade77

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    I've only beaten Demon's Souls since I didn't care much for the changes in Dark Souls, but I would say a game like Oath in Felghana or Origin is harder on Nightmare. Both kind of have a similar "don't mess up" factor but I'd say Ys is faster and more execution-heavy.
  4. EonStrife

    EonStrife Member

    Yeah. Mash buttons to beat the stunned enemy..But the biggest question is how to arrive at that situation :D

    I see I see. I haven't tried Oath in Felghana in Nightmare difficulty, even the Normal difficulty already gave me significant problem. For the Origin, if I am not wrong, I only played up to the Hard difficulty using Claw/Toal. For Celceta, I could beat Nightmare difficulty, but I think largely thanks to the stats/items/equipments carry over from previous walkthrough. I haven't tried Nightmare difficulty for Ys VIII, though.
  5. Wargamer

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    I'd say it depends of what you consider difficult, not being able to react to anything makes everything slower but it only makes it harder if you try to go fast (because you can't).
    I'd say end game Ys is a lot harder than Dark Souls even on normal because it's hard to keep up with its speed. Also most of the time the AI is Dark Souls will bug and simply stop attacking or kill itself jumping off ledges.
  6. Ghaleon

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    I wouldnt' compare them difficulty-wise. They're too different. That said I find peoplel overstate how hard dark souls is a lot. It's not nearly as hard as people make it out to be as long as you play it with the right mindset. Play it like it's actually you, and that your life is at stake, and it's a lot easier than playing it like you're a superhero in a game where you just bust into a room with 5 armed enemies without a second thought.

    Ys lets you play like that, like you're a superhero in a game. You don't have to worry about making sure the enemies get no advantage with every single incidental encounter. But at the same time there's more deadly 'stuff' on the screen at once all the time constantly at a fairly fast pace.

    Honestly I wouldn't worry about your friend. Sounds like they made their mind up already with little to no evidence. If they can make up their mind that easily without even playing the game, I don't think there's really anything you can do to change it.

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