Did Ya Guys Hear About "drop Bears"? |(O.o')|

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    I think the koala thing is an herbivore being an opportunist for food.

    I witness on campus last month some of the many many ground squirrels there eating something off the road. When I looked to see what it was, it was a member of their colony that got ran over by a car, AND THEY WERE EATING IT!! Someone walked by and they ran off AND ONE HAD A PIECE OF MEAT IN ITS MOUTH! A SQUIRREL!!!

    Bottom line: if nut eaters can somehow eat meat that they find, so can eucalyptus eaters. Well, then again maybe they were eating the nuts from its stomach, but who knows. Cats have been known to eat rabbit stomachs to feed on grass that way, but that makes sense with them being predators.
  2. MasterNemesis

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    Zoooommbbbiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeessssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It already started noooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Oh no yeah thats awesome .... I'm ready for it.
    Come and get me...
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    In the middle of the night, you wake up to go to the bathroom, and there, outside the window, are thousands of little beady eyes. Its a swarm of chipmunks. You think, "Well that's weird, but I'm safe in here. Its not like chipmunks can get through the windows, haha."

    You turn the light off, and head back to bed, but you're having a hard time getting back to sleep. "Scritch scritch scritch." You keep hearing the noise of what you can only assume are those cute little things scratching at the window pane, and you think to yourself, "Aww, how adorable. Keep trying, you silly little things."

    Eventually, after turning up your fan to high to cover the noise, you fall back asleep, only to be woken up a bit later by a scratching noise at the door. You bemusedly wonder whether your mother had forgotten to feed the cat again, having forgotten what happened earlier (it was probably just a dream anyways). You open the door, and something furry shuffles past your leg. "Yea, must be that darn cat again."

    As you turn to the door, wondering if the cat food was in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink, you hear a familiar noise again. "Scritch scritch scritch." As you look down the hallway, you notice all the beady little eyes watching you. You're a little freaked out that something has gotten into the house, but you're no wussy. You shake your hand in a dismissive manner, chiding the little things, saying, "Shoo, shoo."

    All of a sudden, from the direction of your room, you feel a series of sharp little pricks as something climbs up your leg, onto your lower back. You twist around in surprise, trying to get whatever it is off of you, and as you turn back, you notice all the little chipmunks skittering towards you.

    Master Nemesis was never heard from again...
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    Drop Bears are the joke Aussies play on tourists who have heard of the continent's legendary wildlife and assume that anything they hear is probably true. This is the one instance where that's not the case. On the other hand, the spiders, the snakes, the octopi, the jellyfish, the sharks, the snails, the plants...
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    You're forgetting the deadly soil bacteria:

    Literally walking barefoot in the wrong place can kill here.
  6. Trill1996Eric

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  7. Trill1996Eric

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    My GOD, re-reading this makes me VERY afraid of Austraillia...
    I mean seriously, what the bacon?! It's a death trap over there, how do any of you people LIVE?! o.o
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    When I first entered this topic, my first thought was of Shadowrun.

    But yeah, Australia will kill you.


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