Death Under The Labyrinth (Psvita)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by asdronin, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. asdronin

    asdronin New Member

    Hi all,
    Well I thought I have seen this tittle suggested here for localization but after many tries with the search function I found nothing, so if it is already suggested please receive my apologies.

    Well as said Im surprised it has not been suggested so it might be obvious that its going to be localized by other company maybe, sorry about my ignorance, I found no clues about it coming to the west so thats why Im suggesting it.

    This titlle looks like fun, its dungeon crawler style like many we are seeing these days released for the Vita, also has many female characters starring the adventure through what looks like a maze full of enemies, not much that I have found about this and it was released in December, well maybe someone here can enlighten me upon this title wether its coming to the west already or something, thanks beforehand for any corrections of course =)

  2. Ghalion

    Ghalion New Member

    I love mah dungeon crawlers, and I like CH games, but I think NISA kinda has CH 'claimed' so to speak.

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