Corpse Party:blood Drive(Spring 2014)

Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by VongolaGearX, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Kresnik258

    Kresnik258 New Member

    I'd definitely buy this if it were localized. I enjoyed the first. Haven't played Book of Shadows yet though, need to get on that!
  2. VongolaGearX

    VongolaGearX Member

    i bet blooddrive will be announced in april from what my little research tells me
  3. Shizukari

    Shizukari New Member

    Why is that? Care to elaborate?
  4. Nool

    Nool New Member

    I updated my last post, I overlooked the dates. I thought the corpseparty2 domain was meant for dead patient, but I think it's meant for Book of Shadows, the domains for books of shadow ( and were registered on the same day (April 24 2012), Dead Patient was first reveal in Summer 2012.
  5. VongolaGearX

    VongolaGearX Member

    i compared some release date announcements to when tbe domain name's were registered and some were announced 4 months after their domain name was registered. its almost been 4 months since the trails of cold steel domain was registered so that should be announced this month
  6. Luphie

    Luphie New Member

    I only have one request for XSEED if they're really localizing this game.

    Blood Drive spoiler-related. Don't open if you don't wanna be spoiled.
    Please, PLEASE, do not remove any 2U reference in Blood Drive (Calavera Necklace, Azusa calling Yoshiki "Knight", Cthulhu's tentacles, etc). I understand that translating a game which has connection to previous game that we've never had (English version) can be tricky, but removing anything is part of censorship. I expect them to get altered slightly to make better sense for people who haven't played 2U, but hopefully it won't change to something completely different than the source material.

    I'd like to believe that if 2U somehow get ported (iOS version maybe? Make it happen, 5pb!), it has chance to be localized. I know that I can just play the Japanese version, but given my Japanese skill is not that advanced yet, I feel bummed out for only understanding a portion of the content of the game (and opening a dictionary while playing isn't fun).
  7. Wyrdwad

    Wyrdwad Administrator Staff Member

    Why would we change content? We've never done that in the past, and I can't even fathom what reason we'd have to start now, on any title...

  8. FruityInsanity

    FruityInsanity New Member

    Serenes Forest
    Okay, so like.
    I finished Book of Shadows last night, and...
    I. Need. Blood. Drive. Now.
    Freakin' cliffhangers, man.
    I hated (and loved) FC for the exact same reason... and now I have to wait for XSEED to localize the game...
    Which I hope - and think - they will... since they registered a domain already... and teased the image in their New Year's teaser...

    I suppose I just have to wait for the official confirmation now... Whenever you're ready, XSEED... whenever you're ready...
    Day 1 for me.
  9. ShikouNagakura

    ShikouNagakura New Member

    Do you care to answer why Juon for the Wii was censored? If that isn't changing content then I dont know what is.
    The ending was changed to a less bloody ending. In the original Japanese version you see a large trail of blood from the front door to the attic. You see trash bags covered in blood and you see the player's hand also covered with blood. In our version (this includes the Pal version which was released later) you only see scratch marks and no blood.
    You see far worse violence in Corpse Party and any other Wii game. Did I forget to mention the game is RATED M?
  10. Kintoki

    Kintoki New Member

    I don't think Sayaka would object if you
    deleted Inumaru
    from the game. ;)
    I certainly would though, haha.

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