Corpse Party Blood Drive Bodies Hanging?

Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by blarghonk25, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. blarghonk25

    blarghonk25 New Member

    On the Corpse Party Blood Drive website there is the Bodies Hanging section with the message has anyone deciphered it. I can get some of the words but not all of them. Unless it's a spoiler what does it say?
  2. JackkelDragon

    JackkelDragon New Member

    It's a hint for a puzzle late in the game, so the decoded version could be considered a spoiler of sorts.

    Using a Futhark conversion chart, I got this:
    This is a hint for the hanging bodies puzzle in Chapter 09. I still can't figure out the solution from the hints, so I'll probably just guess like I did in the Japanese version...

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