Corpse Party 2015 Movie: Thoughts And Opinions?

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    So has anyone here seen the movie? What did you think?

    Disclaimer: As Im typing this I have no idea if there are English subs. I watched it purely in Japanese with my current Japanese level.

    To be honest I thought the movie was gonna be horrible because they used cosplay. In the trailers the movie looked like it was made by fans in cosplay making look B movie material. It also has to do with recent Japanese cinema being terrible as of late when it comes to horror. The Japanese Fatal Frame movie being victim of this because the director is the same who did Sadako 3D (another movie that was a waste of time). To be fair, the novel the movie is based on is much much worse and nether used the concept of the source material (the Camera Obscura).

    Now onto Corpse Party, the movie was released in Japanese cinema and got a uncensored run a little later after the original theatrical run. It got released for home media in December of 2015. The movie is a lot better than I expected. It had suspense and the setting was very well done. The school looks more trashed than the games making look like a realistic abandoned location. I recently watched YouTube videos of people wondering around abandoned malls, buildings, and even schools that made me think "this looks something out of Silent Hill 3 or Corpse Party".

    The editing is a bit choppy in most scenes. I think it would have been better if they made more time because some scenes including death scenes look a bit slow. The sound mixing is another thing that needed some time. A death scene's audio (screaming) gets cut like someone accidentally splice a audio file more than once (you'll know when you hear it). There was another scene where I couldn't hear what a character was saying very well when he was the main focus of the shot during a conversation (ether that or the actor was speaking too low but the director ignored it).

    Is it gory? Yes. The amount of gore in this movie is interesting. Most Japanese films wouldn't go this far into the gore area which would explain the original theatrical cut being censored. Some death scenes suffer due to the editing unfortunately.

    Most complaints I hear from online are how different the movie is to the games. A lot of these are nitpicking like "No! This character dies here not there!" and some scenes being different or left out. The main focus are the main characters of the games and that is all you dont see anyone else. I believe this was done to make the movie not rushed because it's based on a story heavy game and also for the safety of the actors if you know any of the bad endings or deaths in the games then you will understand my point. One character in particular was left out because ether they would have to use CG or because the appearance is too gross to have on screen.

    The scene where Seiko dies in the games I can see them changing it the way the movie handled it because this scene in particular is very dangerous to do on film with the possibility of unhooking the safety hook that could be fatal on the actress playing Seiko. Yes they could have attached her to a wire or something other than a safety hook to prevent accidents like this but keep in mind they filmed this movie in a school with limited space to do that to not make it obvious.

    The movie on it's own is decent. It could have been much much worse but it's fine. The actors did what they could with what they had to work with.. Yes the use of cosplay does still bother me. I would have preferred real Japanese uniforms. Its a low budget film so what can I expect.

    I would give it a 6/10

    Oh, and live action Book of Shadows is in the works

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