Bullet Girls Phantasia

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    Bullet Girls Phantasia is the third (and most polished) game in the Bullet Girls series, a series of fast paced action and 3rd person shooters with some T&A mixed in for good measure. Releasing on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan, D3 Publisher is publishing it August 9 there as well as in Southeast Asia. The SEA release even has an English translation!

    However, importation can be pricey and a bit out of reach for some fans, and since XSeed has a relationship with D3 Publisher (Earth Defense Force, Oneechanbara), I was wondering if XSeed would consider bringing this game Westward! The fact that it already has an English translation should at the very least make localization a bit easier and cheaper (although admittedly that's just conjecture; I don't know if it'd actually work that way). I'm not gonna lie, half the reason I want a Western release is to help ensure it gets a PC release at some point, because while D3 Publisher is good about making them, with this only releasing in Asia I'm a little worried. That said, I think PS4 fans and even Vita fans would be thrilled if the game came to the West. Particularly XSeed's own Senran Kagura fans would likely get a kick out of it due to the mix of fast paced combat and fanservice. I personally think the game looks really fun and Japanese shooters are a rarity, so its a real treat when we get them.

    Here's a recent trailer for the game:

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