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    Are you more a fan of Sensei's over students? Do you think "teacher knows best?" Or are you a person that loves the thrill of reloading on the battlefield?
    Well good news! Meika Hoshikawa is now a playable character in both missions and interrogations!

    The official site just updated the characters so there's no empty slots between the two schools, but it still says "and more" with enough space for it looks like 2 extra spots. Could there be new characters? Maybe some DLC of crossover characters from other D3 games?
    There's also one more "coming soon" button that they haven't put anything under yet. Perhaps it'll be some wallpapers? Or one more secret? Either way we'll find out soon.

    Also just 3 more weeks until release! Make sure to get your preorders in order.

    Edit: For more screenshots check out:

    Also it's April fools day in Japan right now so make sure you check the official site here. Click on the bottom button to go back to the normal site:
  2. HalfMinuteBurrito

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    Firstly, 17 more days until release! Their twitter is doing a countdown with a new screenshot every day with how many days left. Be sure to check it out:

    Secondly, New Trailer:

    That Shimakaze sure looks deadly doesn't it? And who was that masked character at the end? Though with that hair and a revolver, could it be...

    Thirdly, Music Video of the single featured in the first Bullet Girls 2 Trailer "One's Bullet":

    Speaking of music, Bullet Girls 1+2 Soundtrack is now being printed by Sweeprecords.
    If you'd like a link to that let me know.
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    I've enjoyed playing with women of a certain calber.... :D
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    Small update, but here's a video of the interrogation training that shows the player interrogating 1 girl, 2 girls, then being interrogated:

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I find it hard to take the interrogation training as anything serious since it sounds like they're playing some generic musical chairs music while it's going on. All the sound effects are really cartoony and great too. Makes me laugh at how over the top and ridiculous it is.
    Also they're using the analog sticks during the video to control everything so that's how it'd be like if you're playing on a Vita TV, but if you're playing it on a Vita then it's much, much more fluid on the touch screen, trust me.

    10 days until release now! They posted this on their twitter yesterday. Link to tweet since I can't just directly post the image here from twitter that I know of:

    I hope they have one for each of the girls. The little faces were something that I missed from playing Shinovi Versus while going through Estival Versus.

    Edit: We're now 7 days until release! That usually means the PR ball starts rolling which means new articles. I'll update if someone like gematsu covers them but for now check out:

    They covered some options including:
    adjustable aiming speed
    camera distance (examples below)
    aim assist toggle
    Invert aim
    Glasses toggle
    Dirt on/off
    Dark Matter, bright light, or smoke when fully unclothed

    The three camera distances will look like this:

    The different options for fully unclothed characters will look like:
    Bright light (like in Estival Versus)
    Dark Matter:
    Or smoke like in Bullet Girls 1:
    For the dirtyness option, having it on will make you progressively look like you have smudges of dirt on you like the first picture of Miu (blue hair) while having it off will have you look like the bottom picture of Miu with the smoke. It was also in Bullet Girls 1 but I don't remember if it was linked to how much you dodge rolled around, or how much damage you took.

    For more pictures check out:

    Double Edit: 5 days left until release!
    Sorry I missed this, but here's a 90 minute Bullet Girls 2 stream:

    Sorry for all the info dumps and long winded posts, I'm just really excited.

    Triple Edit: The game has officially released!
    For anyone that preordered, your order should be shipping relatively soon if it hasn't already.
    If anyone wants I can post some impressions here once I get my copy.
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    My copy just shipped out this morning. Woo.

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