Bring Phantasy Star Online 2 To Na/eu

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Chiribo, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Chiribo

    Chiribo New Member

    I was wondering if Xseed would think of the possiblity of publishing Phantasy star online 2 for NA and EU
  2. Terro

    Terro Well-Known Member

    It's on Sega Japan. I honestly think they canned it. Hosting MMOs is costly with the servers, you have to realize, and something that XSEED would need an entire dedicated team just to maintain.

    I don't think people realize how tough MMOs are to take care of. Marvelous US pulled out (most likely due to not enough money to keep it running).
  3. akito666

    akito666 New Member

    Guild of Lurking Knights
    I want Phantasy Star Online NOVA to come over but that's Sega's decision, not XSeed and so, chances are.. Not happening!
  4. AttentionDeficitGuy

    AttentionDeficitGuy Well-Known Member

    I dunno, with Atlus now being owned by SEGA, I actually have hopes for PSO NOVA. Not just massive hopes, but hopes nonetheless.

    On that same note, I think that might be another roadblock for publishing SEGA games - now that fellow localizer Atlus is under SEGA's wing, I would imagine that they get "first dibs" on games that SEGA chooses not to bring over themselves.
  5. Terro

    Terro Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see Atlus actually localize a Sega game first though... I'm hopeful, but have yet to see anything happen.
  6. TiamatNM

    TiamatNM New Member

    why localize Sega games when you can just make a ton of Persona spinoffs?
  7. Clessy

    Clessy Member

    My suggestion is just play the pc one with the English patch.
  8. Qualar

    Qualar New Member

    That is actually the case. Sega of Japan had a public memo to that effect earlier in the year that Atlus does indeed have the right to call first dibs on localization rights of anything that SoA and SoE pass on as Atlus is now a wholly owned subsidiary.

    And at present moment Phantasy Star Nova does certainly seem a more realistic candidate for localization than the game it is a spin off from, that being Phantasy Star Online 2. Official word from SoA is that PSO2 is still on track for official US/EU territories release, but that the official localization thereof is currently on hold. However, now that official "English: language versions have been released, but are region locked, for both Singapore and Hong Kong, we now know for certain that actual progress has been made on localization beyond what SoA has been willing to acknowledged.

    Current speculation regarding reasoning for why PSO2 has been delayed leans towards the rumor of a secondary master server and PSO2 network being created that will be for use exclusively by players in regions where the game is not currently available. Which is a nice way of saying that the Japanese are sick and tired of all the hackers-players from North America, Europe, and Australia hacking the game and otherwise ruining it for all the people who want to play the game as it was meant to be experienced. Honestly, I can't blame them.

    My only regret is that I imported the Vita version of PSO2 the very week that SoJ implemented the IP block to prevent the rest of the planet from being able to play on the Japanese servers. Can't blame them for that either since someone, not in Japan, had mounted DDoS attacks against not only the PSO2 game server but the PSO2 website as well.

    So next time you find yourself wondering why you can't have PSO2, remember to blame the morons who use to hack "+99" weapons in the original game.
  9. BenoitRen

    BenoitRen Member

    But there already was a second master server in place for Phantasy Star Universe, and the Japanese barely gave the American team any support to regulate the game they were responsible for! Hell, the tools to do so were months late!

    Then when the American team wanted to compensate the English players for all the issues by giving them some content the Japanese didn't have yet, Japan put its foot down and said "nuh uh". Bear in mind that that in the mean time the English server was more than three months behind the Japanese server in content!

    In short, Japan is responsible for sabotaging online play of Phantasy Star games, and this in turn encourages hackers to attack them. Not all of them are like that, mind you. There are some real jerks as well. But there's a group of people angry with Sega for treating them as second class citizens time and again.

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