Blood Drive: The Flashlight Is Pointless

Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by ShikouNagakura, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. ShikouNagakura

    ShikouNagakura New Member

    Am I the only one who is getting through just fine without the flashlight? Its a nice concept but its rather pointless because of how bright the Vita screen already is. On a side note for some reason the frame rate drops when you have it on too.
  2. JackkelDragon

    JackkelDragon New Member

    I've actually seen a lot of people mention that it's almost impossible to see without using the flashlight. It really depends on your (real world) play environment: if you're playing in a bright area, you'll need the flashlight or you'll never be able to find and avoid traps. If you're playing in a dark room, you can easily see everything except some of the wire traps without a flashlight. This is another reason why I and others have recommended playing in a dark room (especially when going for the no-flashlight trophy).

    As for the framerate drop, it's probably because of the way lighting is calculated. If I remember correctly, lighting in Unity is calculated dynamically every frame. Since Blood Drive is already a very resource-heavy game (judging from the load times), doing that kind of calculation every frame can lead to FPS drops as it tries to run all the computations on every individual object.
  3. Ryos

    Ryos Active Member

    I initially tried to do without the flashlight but all the wire traps and whatnot got old fast. Some of the trickier parts of the game I found nearly impossible without the flashlight. I mostly stuck with endless flashlight enabled, personally. There was a noticeable drop in FPS but not enough for me to ignore the massive boost in survivability since it made traps pretty much a moot point.

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