Blood Drive: Plot Holes? (Spoilers... Duh!)

Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by ShikouNagakura, Oct 15, 2015.

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    SO if there are any other plot holes share them here.

    This is one thing that bothered me last night when playing chapter 1. Ai-chan seems to remember Naho and Sayaka and just so happens to have a picture of them with their faces not shadowed off like the others. If I remember right Corpse Party made some pretty clear rules.

    1.You wont get spirited away if you do an extra chant for Sachiko
    2.If you die you will be erased from existence but those who went will still remember you
    3.If you're erased from existence photos of you will have a shadow covering your face.
    4.You will be safe if you have your piece of the paper doll (or so BoS implies)
    5.To return home safely you must redo the ritual correctly with 1 extra chant for Sachiko

    Chapter 1 basically breaks rules 2 and 3. Is this explained later on? To think Ai-cahn would forget completely about Naho and Sayaka due to the fact she never entered the school till much later after the two. What makes Naho and Sayaka so special that the rest are wiped from existence because they entered a little before the first game takes place. It would be impossible with Sachiko not being their to be the reason behind it.
  2. JackkelDragon

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    Did you play Book of Shadows recently? Ayumi points out that Naho is still remembered in the world of the living, which is what made her think she could reverse what happened.

    As for BloodDrive itself, any part of the answer to your question is a spoiler. The least spoilery version is that none of those rules were broken in the case of Naho and Sayaka: there's simply a caveat. Those with high spiritual power linger in memory for a while longer, and Cemetary0 established that Sayaka has spiritual energy. Early in BloodDrive, Magari notes that a photo of Naho is slowly becoming less distinct over time.

    For other plot holes, it's a bit tricky to find what was retconned and what was actually overlooked because of a certain element that appears later on.
    That is, Fact Loop and the implication that every timeline in the first three games and a few we never see all occurred.

    Side note: Your current text for rule #1 of your list "You wont get spirited away if you dont do an extra chant for Sachiko" is technically incorrect. Not doing the extra chant *is* the trigger for being trapped in the Nirvana.
  3. ShikouNagakura

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    Oops, that was a typo on my part x___x *fixed*

    I probably forgot or over looked the spiritual power part.
  4. DeathkaiserG

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    As Jack said... there are lots of plots holes in the story... but because of the element introduced in Blood Drive... (In Jack's Spoiler tag), its a bit hard to see if it was made that way or Kedwin just forgetting things

    Spoiler Alert: PLEASE BE WARNED include 2u Minor Spoilers
    - According to 2U, October 27 is the date of the festival...(which i think is the most nearest in many medias) its also said in the beginning of blood drive, it was 2 months after the incident... then when Ayumi goes to Makinas Apartment... its Nov. 10 2008... Not exactly 2 months...
    - Apparently, Yuki said to them "they cannot go back to HH with the charm anymore" and Kisaragi believed that HH is actually destroyed with Sachiko freed... this is in contradictory in which it is stated that Heavenly Host Stands firm and Yuki said that the school will create a new Sachiko... they shouldnt be surprised at all if they have known that HH is still alive and kickin
    -Matsudo was the TA in Blood Covered True End but Kuon is the one who replaced Yui in Blood Drive

    This could be disregarded as inconsistency due to the author BUT...


    Due to the Fact loop element in Blood Drive, in which a certain person can turn back time... this is the reason why in BoS,Naomi and Mayu have a lots of DejaVu or In BD, Yoshiki remembers the auditorium and Ayumi somewhat remembers the calavera doll...

    Like Wryward said on the CP Booth... Everything is Canon Before Escaping HH

    Even Wrong Ends... (the reason why you can see wrong end cgs of the kisaragis in the OP)


    Note: Loop of Death

    Back to the Plot Holes,

    It is possible that there is "plot holes" because it actually implies that Blood Covered True End doesnt necessarily follows Blood Drive not even the prologue... there is an another timeline that we still dont know yet..

    Accdg to Misuto (pic above), Yuka has more power than the other Kisaragis because not only of close proximity but She and Sachiko had a bond of sympathy/Heart to Heart... but the last time we saw her, she was torturing yuka so much... you cant go Heart to Heart with that...

    So that means it is possible that they did do heart to heart in the other timeline...

    Come to think of it.... Blood Covered true end is reminiscent of a natural horror bad end... Heavenly Host is still standing... finding a new "Sachiko"

    Compare it to the blood drive, Sachiko is Freed and Heavenly Host is Destroyed... (HH is actually destroyed in BD, thats why it has a lot of Blood patches.. its transforming back to what it really is... Nirvanna)

    A little bit of supporting evidence by Zaion (the Poster... not the head of shinozakis)

    "Naomi's Mental State Blood Covered True end Vs. BoS BD Prologue"
    If ya notice, This is more or less excepts from the Bigger theory... which is for an another day.

    I guess thats it for now... if i missed something, ill put it in later..

    Just to remind people, this may or may not be true... cause it is still possible that its just kedwin's inconsistency... like most people said to me when i told them this theory
  5. Luphie

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    @Deathkaiser: Hey, Deathkaiser. Fancy seeing you here xD

    Regarding your post, here's my thoughts:

    - Heh, guess Kedwin is really bad with dates. But then, date continuity isn't really important in Corpse Party.

    - I think it's more of how they chose to narrate the story. The school was all shaking and crumbling after the Kisaragis appeased Sachiko, so it was kind of understandable they thought that it was gone... or they chose to believe it was gone because it was all traumatic memories they chose to forget. Human memories are quite selective. I mean, I don't necessarily remember what other people told me 2 months ago, especially if I'm in panic running to save my life out of crumbling haunted school. I certainly won't forget the experience and the person (or a ghost) who helped me though.

    Also, the Kisaragis wouldn't know what have happened in the Heavenly Host after they left. The ending of the first game was narrated by Satoshi, but I'd think it as a narrator's voice instead of Satoshi's inner monologue and really knowing what truly happened. The only time narrator ever truly present in Corpse Party games is in 2U.

    - Yup, it looks like an oversight to me... or maybe a retcon I need to check the 3DS version of the Corpse Party ending and see if anything got changed/retconned.

    - I believe what you said is a reference to Book of Shadows chapter 6 where Yuka basically opened up to Sachiko and treated her like a little sister. The Japanese version said 'kokoro o kayowaseta' (sorry, can't display Japanese characters on this board), which does mean 'to develop emotional bond/opened up to someone or something'. However, from what I understood is, it's more of "can relate to on personal level", which doesn't have to be mutual. Different timelines is possible, but anything can also happen in them.

    However, Sachiko does have some kind of special affinity for Yuka, though I'm not sure whether it's because she genuinely likes her or because Yuka is her favorite to toy/torture with. When the Kisaragi tried to appease Sachiko, she made all of them immobilized and attacked Yuka first. She also lured Yuka and talked to her in the live-action movie. Sachiko was a child, so I think she was inclined to play with a child around her own age. Yuka is innocent and kind, perhaps overly so, that Sachiko found her amusing.

    Also, I think the theory you posted is far-fetched. I think Naomi being obsessed with Seiko is reasonable since she felt responsible for Seiko's death. Seiko might have forgiven her, and while it lessened her guilt a little, it still affected her life (and her mother's). In Chapter 3, even Naomi started to forget what Seiko looked like. It seems that overtime, even the survivors of HH would eventually forget what their dead friends looked like, and it's possible that they would totally forget about them eventually if they chose to not do something about it. Naomi got pretty upset about it, and it was not a matter of whether she reached a closure with Seiko or not. It’s one thing to get over someone’s death, but a whole different thing to forget it.
  6. DeathkaiserG

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    Oh hi Luph!!

    - Yuki:Right now, I'm free...but it's not going to last. Soon, I'll continue shaping this place, just as I always have.

    They know that they have just escaped and that HH wasnt destroyed

    - So yeah... they bonded after lots of timeline tortures..hahah

    Oh yeah... Yuka is 14 not the same age as Sachiko ahaha

    - True...but it seems she was at the end of the stick when she was in the BoS Blood drive prologue... as if she didnt talk to satoshi at all...

    Well yeah...many people said that a lots of times...thats its just inconsistent nothing more but who knows

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