Big props to XSEED for contracting Durante

Discussion in 'Little King's Story' started by Chaosblade77, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Chaosblade77

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    I really love the way you support your PC releases, too many companies will drop a port that isn't up to standards, maybe fix an issue or two, and then leave it high and dry to move on to the next game.

    Sara has worked wonders on the Falcom releases, and now you got Durante to put in a lot of work to fix this one up as best as possible. This kind of support deserves to be encouraged and supported with purchases, and I really hope it pays off for you. +1 sale from me.
  2. Fuepepe

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    BC, Canada
    As one of the early adopters of Little Kings Story I can say that it makes me happy that you went back and fixed a lot of the issues people were complaining about on Steam Reviews. While I seemed to be a fringe case that didn't experience most of them, the rating of the game spoke for itself.
  3. Jack Dandy

    Jack Dandy Member

    Hear hear! Durante is a total wizkid.

    I'm glad his talents are getting this kind of official recognition.

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