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    It's a couple of things from The 3rd itaelf, some of which are much more obvious in Japanese because of linguistic factors that don't necessarily translate well.
    In Japanese, it's possible to do things to either hide the identity of a speaker or to set them apart with a distinctive speech pattern, depending on what you want to accomplish. This is because Japanese has some speech patterns and pronouns that are gender-neutral and others that are very distinctive to a particular sort of speaker. When the Second Anguis speaks in Star Door 14, it's in a way that tells the reader without question that the speaker is female (or possibly a male with a very affected feminine mannerism, but that's far less common) in the same way that we can tell that the Fourth Anguis is a younger rough-talking male and the Fifth Anguis is an older man. So there was already a mental image set up just by the language that told us what sort of person the Second would be.

    The context of the conversation further told us that was taking an interest in Kevin at the time that SC ended. The scene with Kevin and the woman on the Lusitania was about six months after the events of Star Door 14. So, given that this was our first look at any of Ouroboros' leadership there was a natural tendency to look at people in the same game who might fit these patterns... which is where several ultimately disproven theories about Anguis identities got started. This one just turned out to be right.

    Another factor in play that put suspicion on the Lusitania and that woman in particular is that we know Ouroboros had some involvement in the goings-on that Kevin was sent to investigate. The password for the safe containing the Artifact he was sent to retrieve was the Sociey's favorite word, Conrad had to get the thing from somewhere and it sure as hell didn't come from the Church and Kevin straight-up tells Ein that he suspects Ouroboros was involved with Conrad at one point but they'd cut ties with him some time prior. However, just because Kevin didn't think they were directly involved doesn't make that the case. The woman stood out for being the only person other than the jaegers and Conrad that you have to interact with and Kevin thinks about her afterwards.

    It's not an inconsistency in the game but the currently available translation being... not brilliant.
    The person who translated it didn't properly parse the tenses at work in that sentence. What Joachim was actually saying was more along the lines of "Unlike the other Lodges that were destroyed by the coalition (various military and law enforcement organizations, the Church and the Bracers) Paradise was destroyed by that Society that was behind the incident in Liberl a year ago". This is entirely in accord with everything else that mentions Paradise and the operation to destroy the D∴G Cult; Ouroboros went after that Lodge completely separately from the main operation but at roughly the same time.
    So yeah, the translation is in error, not the timeline.
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    Thanks! I figured it might be something like that, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything.
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    The ironic thing during my years studying Japanese was that tense was one of the simplest grammar constructs we had to deal with. Me and my entire class went into second year Japanese without having gotten a proper explanation of ba-form, and suddenly one day the instructor expected everyone to know how to properly conjugate and use it.

    @omgfloofy or @Yotaka

    A question that I don't think I asked previously but.

    Do we know who Rufus' parents are?
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